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Player Code of Conduct

Bandera Youth Soccer Organization

Player Code of Conduct

All players must read and sign the following contract before participating in Bandera Youth Soccer.  The contract must be read with a parent or guardian as they must also sign this agreement.  Please return the bottom portion of this agreement to your coach no later than the first day of practice and keep the top portion for your records.


·        I will not intentionally try to hurt another player.


·        I will not talk trash or taunt anyone on my team, the other team, coach, or referee.


·        I promise not to argue with my teammate, coach or referee.


·        I promise not to use profanity (swear, foul language) at games or practices.


·        I understand that my coach’s decisions are final and I will accept my coach’s decision.


·        I promise to respect my opponents (other teams) I will always cheer for my team and never against another team.


·        I promise to learn to be a good sport whether my team wins or loses.  


I understand that if I fail to live up to these expectations, my coach or the BYSO Board of Directors may remove me from a practice or game and that it is possible that I could lose the privilege of playing Bandera Youth Soccer.


----------------------- (Please detach bottom portion and return to child’s Coach) -------------------------------




Player Signature                           Date                                        Parent/Guardian Signature


BYSO Player Code of Conduct Agreement

You can find a copy of this and other forms here: FORMS