U6 Division

Below is a list of U6 Division Teams and the U6 game schedule. Teams are listed by city: Bandera and Pipe Creek.

To see the complete BYSO Soccer Calendar please click on the Calendar page.


Team #1: Crocs
Coach: Abe Garza
Assistant Coach: Eric Lawlis
Sponsor: Triple JD Ranch
Uniform Color: Green

Team #2: Red Bull Snappers
Coach: Travis Carlson
Assistant Coach: Steve Parks
Sponsor: D'Spain Sales & Service, Inc.
Uniform Color: Orange

Team #3: Mighty Monkeys
Coach: Aaron Jackson
Assistant Coach: Kalli Jackson
Sponsor: Spur C Enterprises
Uniform Color: Gold

Team #4: Stingrays
Coach: Dalton Morse
Assistant Coach: Darren Howard
Sponsor: Alamo Diesel Services
Uniform Color: Teal 
Pipe Creek
Team #5: Scorpions
Coach: Phillip Jeffery
Assistant Coach:
Sponsor: L&P Pipeline & Construction
Color: Red
Team #6: Vipers
Coach: Megan Mott
Assistant Coach:
Sponsor: J&J Custom Cabinets
Color: Light Blue
Team #7: Tigers
Coach: Mike Clemenson
Assistant Coach:
Sponsor: Hill Country Dog Center
Color: Gray