U8 Division

Below is a list of U8 Division Teams and the U8 game schedule. Teams are listed by city: Bandera and Pipe Creek.

To see the complete BYSO Soccer Calendar please click on the Calendar page. 


Team #1: Krazy Kickers
Coach: Luis Moreno
Assistant Coach: Cody Blake
Sponsor: Bandera Bank
Uniform Color: Blue

Team #2: Mustangs
Coach: Jorge Lujan
Assistant Coach: Jonathon Barton
Sponsor: Heart of the Hills Fire & Safety
Uniform Color: Lime Green

Team #3: Grass Ratz
Coach: Shane Cannelis
Assistant Coach: AJ Griffin
Sponsor: Gas Service Corp.
Uniform Color: Gray
Team #4: Gators
Coach: Eric Lawlis
Assistant Coach: Sheila Knowles
Sponsor: Lawlis Auto Supply
Uniform Color: Green
Pipe Creek

Team #5: Panthers
Coach: Mike Kennedy
Assistant Coach:
Sponsor: S&S Services
Uniform Color: Gold

Team #6: Fireballs
Coach: George Hohon
Assistant Coach: Rory Henrich
Sponsor: Environmental Comfort Solutions
Uniform Color: Red